North Davidson High School – Powder Puff 2015

One of the time honored traditions during Homecoming Week at North Davidson High School is the annual Powder Puff game.  The Powder Puff game features the young ladies of the Junior class against the young ladies of the Senior class in a game of tag football.  Student coaches and a half-time homecoming court made up of male cheerleaders from the Junior and Senior class (dressed as girls) round out the evening.  Since this game is only played during Homecoming week, the winner has bragging rights for a full year.  Just how popular could this be?  Well, this year, roughly 120 players signed up to play, 15- 20 guys helped coach and another 10-15 guys lead the cheers from the sideline.  It is, also, not out of the ordinary to have up to 1000 fans in the stands for the game.

This year’s game featured great athletes and good maneuvering by the coaching staffs which lead to a close game. The game ended regulation in a 6 to 6 tie.  Each team was able to score on long running plays during regulation, Baylee Taylor scored for the Seniors and Brooke Tilley scored for the Juniors.  To break the tie each team was given four plays from the 10 yard line.  The juniors attempted to score first and came up empty on a missed field goal on fourth down (the attempt looked to have the distance but missed, going wide to the right).  The Seniors made the most of their chance to score with Baylee Taylor completing a pass to Erica Mock in the end zone to end the game.

Here are a few photos from the game.  Additional photos can be found here.


Brooke Tilley runs for a touchdown for the Juniors


Baylee Taylor is congratulated by Carson Pace after her 80 yard touchdown run for the Seniors


Coaches Caleb Fogle and Garrett Griffith,  and players Erika Tilley, Hailey Cole and Kaylan Bradley celebrate the winning touchdown.


Baylee Taylor enjoys a little celebration after being given the gameball by coach Caleb Fogle

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