Bukara – Delhi India

For a special night out, we chose to eat at one of the premiere restaurants in India (if not the whole region).   It wasn’t that easy, because getting a reservation was not a simple task.  Our first try was unsuccessful as there was no availability.  Our second try was through one of our local contacts who obviously had a better relationship with the restaurant.  We were glad to find out that she obtained a reservation for our group.  It was not just any reservation, but a VIP table with a view of the kitchen.  The dinner was excellent and being able to see the chefs at work was an added bonus.   Anyone who knows me will understand that I am a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy.  I am just not that adventurous when it comes to food.  But I did try some of everything and thoroughly enjoyed it, even if they didn’t give me any silverware!


Our travel group and the “family naan”. The family naan, at up to 4 feet in diameter, can be larger than a baby’s blanket!

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In true Indian style…no utensils.


One of the specialities of the restaurant is a leg of lamb, slow cooked for many hours and imply delicious.


The ceiling of one of the entry rooms of the ITC hotel where the restaurant is located. Located in the heart of the international and embassy district in Delhi, this is the hotel that the Obamas utilized for their trip to India.

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